Your First Telehealth Visit

Thank you for choosing Score Physical Therapy for your physical therapy needs. We have put together some information to help you prepare for your first Telehealth visit. Telehealth may be something brand new for you, and we want to give you some important information regarding what to expect, and how to ensure the best experience you have come to expect with our team continues while you connect with your provider online.

What are Telehealth visits?

Telehealth visits are a secure video call (similar to FaceTime®) between your physical therapy provider and yourself. All video calls are secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant. During the visit, our team may discuss your progress, answer clinical questions, provide educational information, and share guidance regarding your activities, home exercise program, and need for other medical intervention. If appropriate, and with your permission, members of your family may also participate in these virtual visits regarding your care plan, communicate this need to your therapist if you are interested.

How Does It Work?

Watch THIS VIDEO if you want to use your mobile device (cell phone or tablet).

Watch THIS VIDEO if you want to use your home computer or laptop.

Our clinics use a Telehealth platform called “Synzi Care Connect.” This is a HIPAA compliant online tool that allows simultaneous audio/video communication with your provider.

Accessing the software: You will receive an invitation to download the Care Connect Application - powered by Synzi via text message and/or email.

If you are on a mobile device (cell phone or tablet hooked to a data plan) after receiving the text message invite you can click on the hyperlink to download the Synzi Care Connect application. The app is free of charge. Please do not download the Synzi Care Connect App until you receive the invitation from your provider.

If you are using a computer (desktop or laptop) after receiving the email invite you can click on the hyperlink which will direct you to the Synzi Care Connect webpage you must use Google Chrome or Firefox as the internet browser, other browsers are NOT supported for video calls.

This Troubleshooting Document can help with many issues that arise on the Synzi Platform, and feel free to contact the clinic directly after reviewing these tips.

How Do I Log In?

Once the application or web page is accessed you will login to Care Connect with your date of birth.

Starting a Telehealth Session with your PT:

Please be logged into the Synzi Care Connect App or website at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Mobile device users will enter the application, and computer users may click on the hyperlink from the original invitation email to take you back to the login screen where you can authenticate with your date of birth. The video call will begin as soon as your provider initiates the call.

Preparing for your Telehealth Visit:

Make yourself comfortable. Choose a location in which you can be most comfortable both physically and emotionally.

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement that can be seen over video. Having snug-fitting clothes allows your provider to assess how parts of your body move to determine the best intervention. You may be asked by your provider to move during your visit so make sure you have room to move!

Be safe. Please do not try to have a telehealth visit while driving or performing other activities that may cause harm.

Choose a location that is quiet and private without distractions. This is a healthcare appointment and distractions can make the appointment challenging for everyone. You want to be able to share information freely with your provider so other people in the room may not provide enough privacy. The more comfortable you are in your surroundings the better the outcome of the visit will be. Headphones are a great strategy if you have a busier environment and for a clearer audio experience.

Choose a Consistent Location. Using the same space for every visit allows your provider to know what equipment and furniture are available for treatment.

Telehealth Consent to Treat:

During your telehealth session, your provider will ask if you reviewed the below considerations and would like to consent to treatment using a telehealth physical therapy visit type. If you are a minor (under 18 years of age on the day of the appointment) please have a parent/guardian accompany you for each visit to provide consent and attend the duration of the visit.

This platform is HIPAA compliant and no information from this visit will be recorded or stored in any form outside of my own documentation in our electronic medical record system in your private medical chart.

You, as the patient have the right to refuse or stop this treatment session at any time.

As your provider today, based on this visit I may determine your case is inappropriate for a telehealth visit and refer you to in-clinic care or your MD for more appropriate management.

If we lose connection during this visit, I will contact you via the cell phone number that you gave when scheduling the telehealth appointment to attempt to reconnect via the platform or reschedule based on the technical issue at hand.

If you have any formal grievance or complaint you would like to report regarding your experience a link to report is available on our website.

Internet Connection Tips:

Having a strong and solid internet connection is vital to having a positive telehealth experience. Ideally, your internet speed should be at least 15Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. Here is a link to check your speed! If your internet is not performing as it should, you may want to try a wired internet connection. Using a cable connected directly to your router or modem can often be much faster.

MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE ALL STREAMING during your session – Netflix, Amazon, Music playing, etc – on all devices in the household during this session. It will affect the quality of the session.

Health Information Privacy Notice

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